Our Mission

We aim to empower decision-making in finance and policy by bridging the gap between top-down climate screening and bottom-up company research

Our approach

Data gaps and poor data quality continue to dominate the ESG market, undermining company assessments and decision-making. Our datasets are built on a standardised analytical framework, drawing on extensive climate expertise and data science principles.

Corporate disclosure on climate does not always translate into credible transition plans. We provide independent, evidence-based analysis to quantify which companies are best positioned to successfully navigate the transition to a net zero economy.

There is a lack of detailed analysis in the marketplace taking into account cross-sectoral system impacts. We look across sectors and along value chains to identify key transition risks and levers for change.

There are wide disparities in the physical and transition risks and opportunities faced by different regions. Our bottom-up approach leverages asset-level data and regional benchmarking to account for these differences.

Core team

Carole Ferguson Headshot

Carole Ferguson

CEO & Research Director

Paul Griffin

Co-Director & Head of Data

Jules Rouvillois

Research Analyst

Amy Simon Headshot

Amy Simon

Research Analyst